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My First Maternity Photos in Sierra Vista

This was my first every maternity photo session at my new photography studio in The Mall at Sierra Vista. If you'd asked way younger me whether I thought I'd be pleased with maternity photography then the answer would probably have been anything but, yes. fast forward to me me being older and a father, maternity is beautiful. Plus, tThe more I work with people, the more I enjoy it, for the most part. People can be so amazing inside and out. In this case both, plus a beautfiul wee baby girl!

It started when Aliyah saw some of my previous work and reached out because she felt I was the match for the maternity pictures she desired. She sent me some screenshots of images that she liked and studied them and prepared for the big day at the end of May. Much to my surprise, she reached out and said that she was too excited could not wait any longer, so we set excitedly an earlier date.

On the money, Aliyah arrived for her appointment very ready for her photo session. She brought with her some modeling experience which made my job quite a bit easier. through the shoot we enjoyed some music and conversation and worked our images together. We had an enjoyable time together and made some very nice images. Win-win! And, she wants to return later with some other ideas for another maternity shoot. She's got a wonderful eye for images, so I know it will be great!

Enjoy the images!


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